Arceus 2

Arceus is a normal-type Pokémon. It is the worst Pokémon of all time. Seriously! Worse than the Unown, worse than fucking Magikarp! It used to be a fucking badass, until Mew got pissed off at it for stealing its place in the Pokémon world. It almost killed Arceus, then put a curse on it so that it became the worst Pokémon of all time. It can't learn any move, other than Splash, which turns out to be its SIGNATURE move. All it is, is a dumb white pony with weird ears, and fake golden wings. It can change types using plates, but what the fuck is that supposed to do? He still can't learn any other move besides Splash. Oh, and he doesn't even learn Splash until level 100. Yeah, you heard me correctly. HE HAS/LEARNS ABSOLUTELY NO MOVES FOR LEVELS 1 TO 99. He is so fucking pathetic! He doesn't even deserve to be a fuckin' Pokémon! So, you gotta raise him at a Nursery or something until his level is really high, or you may find the occasional Rare Candy or two. Neither methods are certain to work, but you can give them a try. But who would want to waste their time raising a lame-ass Pokémon that has no moves to learn until level 100? And even when it does learn a move, it turns out to be a horrible, horrible move that only very rarely ever works. Seriously. There is still controversy over the pronunciation of Arceus' name, and how people are arguing about whether it is a hard or soft C, but Arceus is so dumb, that in the movie, it STILL didn't remember! So it doesn't even remember how to pronounce its own name. Pathetic. And stupid. Hopefully, there aren't any morons in the world that think Arceus is “the ultimate Pokémon”, and would trade one of their best Legendaries just to get one. Can you believe that Arceus actually is a Legendary Pokémon? So now, he is also the worst Legendary Pokémon of all time! Satoshi Tajiri made a damn HUGE mistake creating this Pokémon. Seriously, a man of his intelligence to make a huge billion-dollar video game franchise has to create such a pathetic Pokémon? Of course, he has Asperger syndrome, but what does that mean? Everyone makes mistakes, but you don't have to make one THAT big. However, for the sake of being Pokémon masters, people still catch it. That's probably the ONLY reason to catch it. Well, I guess we can safely say that Arceus is the worst fucking Pokémon EVER!!!!!! Rating: This Pokémon is so pathetic, it doesn't even deserve a rating! (Wow, that's a first.) Seriously, FUCK YOU, SATOSHI TAJIRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!