Groudon ready for battle

Groudon is a legendary Ground-type Pokemon. You can catch it in Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Emerald or Pokemon Soul Silver. In Pokemon Ruby and Emerald, it is hunted by Team Magma to dry up the waters of Hoenn to expand the land for land based Pokemon. It also has a deep connection to the Red Orb of Hoenn. It's species is the Continent Pokemon. One other pokemon shares this species, which is Torterra, a Grass and Ground type. Groudon is also a part of Hoenn's Weather Trio. It is stated in Hoenn mythology as the creature that expanded the continents and went into a deep sleep after it fought Kyogre. It is a giant, bipedal reptilian looking creature with a dominent color of red with markings all over. it also has spikes protruding from its sides, leading down to its tail. It also has the special ability Drought, which causes the sun to intensify, powering up Fire type moves like Fire Blast or Eruption and allows Solarbeam to be used without having to charge up first. It also currently holds the Pokemon world record as the Heaviest Pokemon in the Pokemon World, weighing in at 2,095 lbs and standing at 11'06. Groudon can be found as the Mascot for Pokemon Ruby. It can be found at the Cave of Origin at Sootopolis City in Pokemon Ruby, in Terra Cave in Pokemon Emerald and the Embedded Tower in Pokemon SoulSilver. It can also learn the Ground-type One-Hit KO move, Fissure. A false Groudon appeared in the movie, Pokemon Jirachi Wishmaker as an evil creature created from the energy that Jirachi took in on the night of its return to slumber, never to awaken until a millenium had passed and a fragment of a Groudon fossil.